Caterpillar Balloon Painting Kids Craft

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Painting Just got funner with water balloons! This Fun Kids Painting Craft does not involve too many materials and is self explanatory. 


- Scratch paper

- Water balloon OR small balloon

- Acrylic paint 

- Plastic plate(for paint)

- Marker OR Crayon

- OPTIONAL: Google eyes 



1. Blow up a water balloon

2. Place a dab or Two of paint on a plastic plate 

3. Dab the balloon into the paint and pick it straight up

4. Place the balloon straight down on the scratch paper. Now, make more spots next to each other. When you feel that the caterpillar is long enough. wait till it dries.

5. Take a marker OR Crayon and draw stick figure feet and a couple hairs, and a smile. 

6. Draw or Glue on google eyes, with a small dab of glue. 

Great Job! You did it! A cute little or big Caterpillar!

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