Decorate Brownie Christmas Trees!

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1. Brownie mix

2. Chocolate chips

3.  Bowl and spoon to mix

4. Damp paper cloth

5. Pastry bag

6. Mnm's or any candy confetti



1. Prepare boxed brownie mix as described on the box. And let it cool. 

2. Now that it is chilled, cut 3-4 (depending on size of your pan) diagonal lines going one direction and another pair of lines (one less then the first) going the opposite way. 

3. You should see a coupe rows of diamond shapes. Cut through the center of the diamond shape rows.

4.Now that you have many triangles, carefully take them out. 

* Now that the main job is done, the fun part is left! 

5. Melt your favorite chocolate. A easy trick is to fill a glass bowl with 1/2 cup of choc chips, cover it with a damp paper cloth. Warm up the chocolate for 30 sec, mix it, and another 30 sec (total 1 min). Now mix the chocolates very well until it is smooth. 

6. Fill the chocolate mix in a pastry bag including a small tip. Now You can zig zag through the triangles and draw lines, dots, lights, strings, etc.. and next sprinkle and decorate them with any candy confetti that you have. You can top it with a yellow for a star and there you have beautiful yummy Christmas trees to enjoy with your little ones. 


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