DIY Flower Pretzel Bites

Posted by katie lisetskiy on

Enjoy a sweet and Salty little snack with just three simple ingredients. Now that Easter candies are in stores, you can find these pastels colored mnm's that will bring color and cuteness to your snack. Its a very easy activity to do with your little one. 


-Square pretzels ("buttered" are the yummiest)


-Candy Melts OR vanilla melts



1. Line the pretzels on a plate, giving them some space between each other.

2. Place the chocolate melts in the center of each pretzel

3. Microwave for 45 seconds

4. Begin by one colored mnm in the center and another color of mnm's around (6 mnm's fit perfectly around)

5. Let them cool off for a few minutes and  your little treats are done!


Easy! Right? You can use them for little presents of store them in a zip lock baggy for later.


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