Leaf Bowl Kids Craft -Hair Bow Holder

Posted by katie lisetskiy on

What a fun way to add a touch of fall in your collection of Hair bows. A perfect Bowl to hold all your Bows! 


1. Baloon

2. Round, medium size bowl

3. Modpodge (Matte OR glossy)

4. Brush/Sponge




1. Blow up a balloon any size (for any size bowl wanted)

2. Put the balloon (knot side) down, into a medium size bowl.

3. Generously brush modpodge over the balloon half way.  

4. Begin placing leafs facing upside down (or as desired) all around the modpodge, without overlaying. 

5. After the first layer, add more mod podge on the leafs tapping down with the sponge/brush.

6. Add more leaves to cover up any holes. Repeat the process of adding more modpodge before overlapping. 

7. After all the holes are covered with leaves, put a last coat of modpodge over the entire bowl. Let it sit for at least 24 hours( (a hairdryer can quicken the process), untouched.

8. After it is clear and dry from the exterior, take a needle and pop the balloon. It is possible for the inside to be slightly moist. You can leave it out or use a hair dryer to dry it up. After it is dried completely, you are ready to add your beautiful hair bows in this fall accented bowl!

Great Job!!!



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