Chilling Marshmallow Snowman on Hot Chocolate

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A Christmas kids DIY to make their cup of hot chocolate even sweeter! 

This is a very simple craft with just a few simple supplies.



- Lrg Marshmallows

- Tooth picks

- Tiny Chocolate chips

- Fall Cone candies

- Pretzel sticks

- Hot chocolate

- (optional: small marshmallows to add around the snowman)


1. Take 1 marshmallow, stick a took pick through the center, until you feel it peek out on the other side. Stack a second one on top. 

2. Take another tooth pick and stick it diagonally through the top marshmallow. Place another marshmallow on it.

3. Next take 2 pretzels and  stick them vigorously to the bottom marshmellow, on two sides as feet. 

4. Take another pretzel or 2 and stick them in for the hands. 

5. Next, to add a nose, take a tooth pick and poke it in the center of the top marshmallow and move the toothpick around, to make room for the cone candy to fit.

6. Next for the buttons, make 3-4 small stab holes going down the center of the snowman and add the small chocolate chips upside down into the holes.

7. Melt some chocolate chips and place them into a corner of a zip lock bag. Cut a tiny edge off. Draw a couple dots for the eyes and a smiley face with this chocolate.

Now that the snow man is complete! 

8. Make some hot chocolate and lay your Mr.Snowman across the brim of your mug (Its ok if he touches the hot chocolate) and enjoy your cup of Hot Chocolate with your little one! 



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