Summer Bottle Flower Stamps

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It is summer and flowers are all around us. So lets creative and make our own sparkly flowers using our favorite paint color and jewels.



Soda plastic bottle (with the 

Any paint

Paper plate


Plastic gems Or glitter

Green marker OR crayon



1. Pour out a color of your choice paint onto a paper plate. You can have several colors at once, if you'd like. 

2. Dip in the bottle of the soda bottle into the paint, generously.

3. Now with the bottled dipped in paint, stamp it onto a paper. If you get a skinny flower, you can re stamp the same spot a couple times after dipping into more paint.

4. After you stamped all the desired flowers, let it dry about 10 minutes and you can add little jewels to the centers of the flowers. Place it directly in the middle on top if the center paint. Since the paint is not fully dry yet, it will hold it like glue.

5. Now grab a green marker or a crayon and draw stems from each flower leading to the bottom of the page. You can also draw some leafs on each flower.

6. Great work on your piece of art! Now let it dry completely before hanging it up on the wall. 



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