Treat Filled Easter Eggs Kids Craft

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Fun Easter craft for the kiddos and yourself. These cute and very interesting treat eggs are fun to make and you can fill it with any small treats. We used Egg chocolates. 



- Small Water Balloon

- Small egg Chocolate

- Mod-podge

- Paint sponge OR Brush

- Yarn OR String

(Optional) Pump for blowing up balloon



  1. Stretch out the opening of the water balloon and insert the small candy inside. Based on the size of the egg (candy), you will be able to fit one or two (into the water balloon).
  2. Inflate the Balloon and tie it.
  3. Place the balloon on the yarn/string and tie a knot around the balloon.
  4. Put some mod-podge under and around the string and begin wrapping the string around the baloon. The mod-podge will help the string grip a little without sliding off.
  5. Put some more mod-podge on missing spots and wrap the remaining side of the baloon.
  6. When you are done wrapping the yarn around the baloon, tuck in the ending under the previous wrapped yarn.
  7. Dip the brush/sponge in mod podge and put it all over the baloon (you don’t need too much).
  8. Let the Baloon dry aprox 24 hrs (depends on the thickness of the  mod-podge you used). 
  9. POP the baloon with scissors or a pin and pull just the baloon scrap out from within (tweezers can help with this)
  10. YAY! You are Done! 




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