Valentine Love Letters Crafts

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Fun little craft to do with your little ones with supplies that you probably already have at home. 


1. Felt Material OR construction paper

2. Scissors

3. Stapler

4. Glue OR Glue gun

5. Candies



1. Cut the Felt material in a TALL house shape (the width that you would like the envelope to be).

2. Fold the house shape almost in half, leaving a small piece for the flap.

3. Staple both sides of the envelope. (If using felt material, it might scrunch up, so just pull the sides apart and it will be straight).

4. Fill the envelopes with candies.

5. Out of the scraps, fold a piece in half and cut out a heart.

6. Then glue it on the tip of the flap of the envelope and let it dry. You might want to place a few candies on top of the hearts to hold it down until it dries. 

Good job! You are done! May these little candy love notes bring joy to you and your little friends. 



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